DOB – 08/04/2014

Weight – 90 pounds

Titan is a fabulous standard black coat male that carries yellow and chocolate. He is an English type lab with a beautiful thick otter-like tail, short snout and boxy head. He is clear of every genetic disease known to Labrador retrievers. Titan has his Junior hunting title with AKC and LOVES to play with a ball or anything he can fetch. Titan is one of the sweetest boys around. He absolutely loves to play and yet is perfectly content to lay at your feet and get loved on. Titan has an amazing pedigree that includes 88 show and hunting titles in his 5 generation pedigree alone. He has one of the best double coats I have ever seen. Titan has OFA “Good” hips, “normal” elbows, “normal” patellar subluxation, “normal” congenital cardiac and full dentition.

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DOB 04/06/2016

Weight 95 pound

Reggie is a Fox red that carries the dilute gene, meaning he can produce every color, depending who he is paired with including: black, yellow chocolate, silver, charcoal, champagne and fox red. Reggie is a non-affected carrier of EIC and clear of every other genetic disease known to Labrador retrievers. Reggie’s carrier status for EIC will never affect him or his future puppies because we will only pair him with females who are completely clear of this gene. Reggie is very tall and handsome. He is very much an American build lab. He is extremely lean and fast. He holds his Canine good citizen title with the AKC. Reggie’s dad is a working dog for the L.A.P.D. as a bomb detection dog. Reggie’s mom also hold several titles in show and hunting in her 5 generation pedigree, including a show championship herself. Reggie has OFA “Excellent” hips, “normal” elbows, “normal” patellar subluxation, “normal” congenital cardiac and full dentition.

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DOB – 06/05/2019

This boy is new to our program and we couldn’t be more excited. His pedigree is jammed packed with English show type Labradors. This boy is clear genetically of every disease known to Labrador retrievers. He does not carry yellow, so we will never produce yellow or champagne puppies with this boy.  We will be able to produce phenomenal Chocolate, Black, Silver and Charcoal depending on which Dam we pair him with. He will of course be evaluating his hips, elbows, patella’s, heart and teeth through the OFA when he is old enough. Right now he is very loyal and pretty calm and loving for a puppy.

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